• Between Business & IT

Fostering effective collaboration between business and IT is our mission. We listen to our clients' needs, learn about the latest trends and practices, and connect people, processes, and technologies to create value and drive innovation. Our goal is to bring together the best of both worlds to foster growth and success for our clients.

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Our top services

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Our comprehensive service offers a holistic approach to designing and managing your company's structure, processes, and systems to ensure they are aligned with your strategic objectives in various domains, including Business, Data, Application, Technology, Security, and Compliance.

  • Business Architecture

    Our solution is tailored to analyze and optimize your organization's structure, processes, and systems to ensure they are aligned with your strategic goals and objectives, providing you with a roadmap for success.

  • Solution Architecture

    We offer Solution Architecture services that provide a blueprint for designing and implementing specific solutions that address your business problems or opportunities. We help you define your requirements, identify the most appropriate technologies, and guide you to build scalable, maintainable, cost-effective solutions.

  • The outputs provided by BDAT Solutions allowed us to define and map EA capabilities for a major UK healthcare provider. Their methods and insights allowed the client to not only understand their capabilities but how these then linked to other key aspects of the organization.

    Mark Matthias, CEO, Eliden Ltd.
  • Their dedication to architecting Sono's SAP integration for supply chain management, bill-of-material change management, aftersales, and Salesforce CRM stood out. The methodological approach and resilience under pressure ensured high-quality results in our fast-paced startup environment. Their efforts led to successful on-site workshops in Finland and Germany, receiving excellent participant feedback.

    Henrik Mitsch, Head of Digital Division, Sono Motors GmbH